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Culinary Delights at the Salzburg Festival Ball

22 JUL 2013

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The rising star of the local gastronomic scene, Salzburg’s award-winning chef Andreas Döllerer, seemed to have no problem whatsoever assembling the infrastructure for the gala dinner for 530 persons at last year’s Ball at the Residenz, feeding the guests within a short period of time at the highest level and offering exquisite specialties from the Salzburg region. He presented this year’s Festival menu for the gala dinner at the 2nd Salzburg Festival Ball on August 31 at a rehearsal dinner with Artistic Director Alexander Pereira and Daniela de Souza as well as the Meistersinger artists Monika Bohinec, Michael Volle, Peter Sonn and Markus Werba. The dinner took place at his gourmet restaurant in Golling. 

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Festival Ball 2013 • The Debutantes' Auditions

9 JUL 2013

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Auditions, tailored costumes, fittings and an intensive week of rehearsals... For the debutantes, the preparations for the festive opening of the Second Salzburg Festival Ball on Saturday, August 13, at the Felsenreitschule are not so very different from those of our performers in the opera or theatre productions. The only difference is that they are not professional dancers, but 120 young ladies and gentlemen, most of whom are incredibly nervous and excited before their great moment in the spotlight. Many of them – some of them have just graduated from secondary school – will be opening a ball for the first time.

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Roses: Theme of the 2013 Salzburg Festival Ball

23 MAY 2013

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With the first Festival Ball in 2012, the Festival hearkened back to Max Reinhardt’s traditions, reviving a hallmark, an artistic and social highlight of the Salzburg Festival season. After the great success last year, when Festival stars and international guests enjoyed the Ball, there will be a few innovations for the second edition on August 31, 2013. However, we can reveal this year’s theme to you: roses!

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Extend the Ball Season!

22 JAN 2013

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While the season’s complement of balls and dances is in full swing in Vienna, it finishes in the capital on Shrove Tuesday – in Salzburg, on the other hand, you can extend the ball season with a particularly festive night: since last year, the Salzburg Festival has its crowning finale in the Salzburg Festival Ball – taking place this year on August 31. Starting at 6:00 pm with a festive gala dinner at the Archiepiscopal Residence, it continues with a ceremonious march to the Felsenreitschule, where the official ball opens at 9:30 pm with the dance of 60 debutante couples. Furthermore, the event features a concert by some of the Festival’s exclusive stars.

Join us as we celebrate the highlight of the Festival, watch the debutantes glide through their opening dance and enjoy the wonderful backdrop of the Felsenreitschule – all through an unforgettably festive night!

Further information on the Second Festival Ball may be found in the following folder:

A Brilliant End to the Festival Summer

4 SEP 2012

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On Saturday, September 1, Artistic Director Alexander Pereira hosted the final crowning glory of the Salzburg Festival: the Festival Ball at the Felsenreitschule. It was a brilliant evening with 1,500 guests, many of them prominent.

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Sneak Preview: The Aprons for the Debutantes’ Dirndls Have Arrived!

20 AUG 2012

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Anyone with a keen eye who happened to be at the Festspielhäuser a few days ago probably observed a photo shooting with some debutante couples at the Felsenreitschule. For the first time, the young ladies got to wear the dirndl dresses by Gössl with the special designed aprons.

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Gastronomy at the First Salzburg Festival Ball 2012: Indulgence at the Highest Level

3 AUG 2012

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The first Salzburg Festival Ball beckons with exquisite culinary delights: the gala dinner at the Residenz will be created by Andreas Döllerer, with serving support from the Tourism Schools Salzburg Klessheim.
Apart from Moët & Chandon champagne, cocktail bars by Moët Hennessy and a Stiegl brewery inn, the ball also offers Nespresso coffee and ice cream specialties by the Antica Gelateria del Corso.

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Festival Ball: Casinos Austria Invites Guests to Play

26 JUL 2012

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At the first Salzburg Festival Ball in 2012, the pleasure of gambling shall not be neglected. On the balcony of the Karl-Böhm-Saal, a gambling corner will be set up by Casinos Austria. Dame Fortune can be challenged in American roulette or blackjack. 

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News from the dance floor – debutant couples have been sought, and found!

22 JUN 2012

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At the first Salzburg Festival Ball on September 1, 2012, of course it must be the debutante couples opening the ball in style. A few weeks ago, all interested dancers had been asked to apply – now the couples have been chosen. On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 5:00 pm, the auditions took place at the Dancing School Seifert. A total of 48 couples will open the ball. 

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A Brilliant Debut – Glimpses of the Festival Ball Preparations

8 JUN 2012

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Even at this early stage, September 1, 2012 promises to be the “crowning glory” of this year’s Festival summer: for the Festival’s closing, there will be a grand gala dinner at Salzburg’s Residenz, and then the venerable Felsenreitschule will witness the instruction: “All dance!” The culinary highlights at the gala dinner at the Residenz will be created by the award-winning chef Andreas Döllerer from Golling: his concept for the dinner unites classical and typical specialties from the Salzburg region with a pinch of originality and cosmopolitan charm.

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