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The Salzburg Festival Visits its International Audiences

30 NOV 2012

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“The two most important decisions have been made: the USA have a President again and Salzburg has a new ‘Jedermann’,” thus Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler opened the annual press conference on November 7 in Salzburg with a display of ironic wit. Doubtlessly, the new production of Jedermann in 2013 will be the special focus of the media. In the opera, concert and drama genres, over 250 events will be presented at 14 performance venues.

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Sven-Eric Bechtolf about the 2013 Theatre Program

12 NOV 2012

published in: Drama, General

7359! This is the number which the Goddess of Good Luck makes appear in the dreams of the “dissolute cloverleaf” – a carpenter, a cobbler and a tailor – in order to trick her rival the Love Fairy by making them win the lottery. An evil spirit is at work, preying on young men and leading them into forbidden debauchery, while rumours persist of a comet about to plunge to the Earth. An innocent young French peasant girl is visited by the Virgin Mary and promptly strides into battle against the English. A rich man unexpectedly encounters Death, the Devil and all sorts of other symbolic characters. Two pairs of lovers on the run in a forest find themselves tricked by elves and fairies. A beautiful orphan is pursued by a witch and taken in by dwarves while a computer-controlled arm from the automobile industry develops a menacing life of its own. Such are the remarkable events in the 2013 theatre programme.

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The new 2013 Festival program

7 NOV 2012

published in: Opera, Drama, Concert, General

A thousand thanks for all the interest and enthusiasm with which you greeted our new start in 2012. And special thanks for your spontaneous support of the new elements we presented in our programme – from the Ouverture spirituelle to our contemporary music series and to the highly acclaimed production of Die Soldaten. With 278.500 guests we were able to receive the greatest number of visitors in the Festival’s history.

We are confident that many surprises are awaiting you in the programme of the 2013 Festival summer. A dominant theme is formed by the works of Wagner and Verdi: operas from their middle and later periods are being staged in new productions while select early operas are being performed in concert.

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Applications now accepted for the Young Singers Project!

4 OCT 2012

published in: Opera, General, Concert

Are you a soprano, tenor or bass and under 26 years of age? If you are at home in the repertoire of Mozart, in baroque, Italian and French opera, apply now to participate in the Young Singers Project in 2013!

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Salzburg Festival 2012 Breaks Attendance Records

5 SEP 2012

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“I am convinced that a festival should be unique every year,” Artistic Director Alexander Pereira said at the press conference announcing the 2012 program in November. The unique and extraordinary program, its innovations and the consequent extension of the Festival program have been accepted by the audience. With 278,978 visitors, the highest number of attendees since the founding of the Festival 92 years ago was registered.

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100 excited students at the Study Workshop "Roche Continents"

23 AUG 2012

published in: General

For the sixth time, Roche invited 100 students from all across Europe to the study workshop “Roche Continents” in Salzburg. The participants, representing 38 different nationalities, discovered the common ground of creativity and innovation in arts and science during a varied program of workshops and discussions with experts.

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Alessio Arduini – A Young Musician in the Midst of the Festival

22 AUG 2012

by Alessio Arduini  11:06 h;
published in: General, Opera

La bohème – the premiere is over and all the performances have taken place. Read the thoughts of the young singer Alessio Arduini, who plays the role of Schaunard, on the production of La bohème and what the Salzburg Festival experience has given him here. 

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Salzburg Festival Documents – Numerous New Releases Now Available!

12 AUG 2012

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The number of Festival Documents is growing steadily. Once again, numerous productions performed at the Salzburg Festival were released this year on DVD or CD. Apart from operas such as Lulu (2010) and Die Frau ohne Schatten, there are also various drama productions newly available on DVD: Thomas Bernhard’s Der Ignorant und der Wahnsinnige and Die Macht der Gewohnheit as well as a Jedermann Remixed of the Salzburg Festivals from 1920 to 2010. Neither are concerts ignored, on the contrary: two new DVD recordings and many CDs of concerts from various years are now available for purchase. This will give you an overview of all the new releases in 2012!

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Special Website of the Salzburg Festival for Mobile Devices: Increased Mobility

6 AUG 2012

published in: General

Buying tickets on the road? Reading program information, watching videos anytime, quickly and with easy access? Starting today, all this is possible – the Salzburg Festival’s homepage is now easier to use on mobile devices.

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“Eternally repeating itself”

5 AUG 2012

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At the Karl-Böhm-Saal, the Spanish artist Javier Pérez has realized an installation associated with Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s opera Die Soldaten. 17 couples find each other in a monotonous dance, eternally repeating itself. They are arranged in rigorous symmetry, like a mandala, in larger and smaller overlapping circles – and within all this order, they also reveal a chaotic assembly of strings and shoes and couples and figures. At the center stands a gramophone – after all, what would a dance be without music?

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