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Intensive Encounter with Gustav Mahler

21 JUL 2013

published in: Concert, General

In his symphonies, Gustav Mahler formulated a utopia which he described as a “longing beyond the things of this world”. With the complete performance of all nine finished symphonies, the 2013 Salzburg Festival offers an opportunity to experience Mahler’s cosmos in all its facets. In order to make this encounter with Gustav Mahler even more intensive, we were able to engage Gilbert Kaplan, who has studied the life and work of this composer like hardly anyone else today, to give two lectures.

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Female Power at the Festspielhaus • Now also in the Visual Arts

19 JUL 2013

published in: General

Under the title NO MAN’S HEAVEN, the artist Eva Schlegel exhibits her works of art at the Haus für Mozart and the Karl-Böhm-Saal, in the windows of the Festspielhaus and in the entrance area of the Felsenreitschule, starting on July 20, 2013. However, you have surely encountered her – or rather, her works – before. After all, her images have been seen on the Salzburg Festival’s homepage since November 2012, and they accompany our entire 2013 Festival season. For more information on the exhibit and to read an introduction by President Helga Rabl-Stadler on the artist Eva Schlegel and her work, please click through to the article.

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Music and Theatre for Everybody at the Festival Opening Party

19 JUL 2013

published in: General

Following the motto “A Festival for Everyone”, Salzburg’s historical centre becomes the backdrop for about 80 events of different genres on July 19 and 20. At 32 performance venues, the 2013 Salzburg Festival is launched with a celebration of diversity. Of course, the performers include a number of Festival artists who take this opportunity to introduce themselves to the Salzburg audience. Without admission, you can enjoy an intriguing and surprising programme.

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Ouverture spirituelle under the Sign of Buddhism

18 JUL 2013

published in: Concert

Last year, the newly-introduced concert series Ouverture spirituelle met with a most enthusiastic echo. Also this year, the Salzburg Festival will once again open with sacred music, and again, works by Catholic and Protestant composers will be juxtaposed with another religion – this time, it will be Buddhism, brought to you via traditional and recent music from Japan.

Our program guide offers an overview of all the events pertaining to the Ouverture spirituelle series: 

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A Glimpse of the Final Rehearsals for the New “Jedermann”

17 JUL 2013

published in: Drama

How does one approach a work with such a long tradition as Jedermann? The two directors Julian Crouch and Brian Mertes have sought their very own path to realising the mystery play on Cathedral Square, inspired both by the past and the future. The production of their predecessor Christian Stückl was seen for eleven years on Cathedral Square. With their version, the directing duo from the USA and England want to return to the roots.

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Happy Birthday, Sir Harrison Birtwistle!

15 JUL 2013

published in: Opera, Concert

We congratulate Sir Harrison Birtwistle on his 79th birthday! Born in Accrington, Great Britain, on July 15, 1934, he is considered one of the most important contemporary composers in Europe today. This year, the Salzburg Festival focuses on his oeuvre in its programme. First and foremost, there is his opera Gawain, which will have its premiere on July 26 at the Felsenreitschule. Furthermore, we present selected Birtwistle works as part of the series Salzburg contemporary: for example at a concert of the Klangforum Wien on July 31, or with the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna on August 12, 2013, which will see the Austrian premiere of his Concerto for Violin and Orchestra.

Comedy and Earnestness at Casa Verdi

14 JUL 2013

published in: Opera

In six performances, Ambrogio Maestri will portray the role of Sir John Falstaff in Falstaff, Verdi’s commedia lirica – this will be his 20th new production of this opera! Of course, even in the productions that Maestri has been part of so far, Falstaff was never really young – however, the fact that the subject of age and ageing is as central as in Salzburg is a new experience for him. Director Damiano Michieletto has found his very own way of staging Verdi’s last opera. On Thursday, the press had the opportunity to talk to the artists featured in this production.

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First Impressions of a “Young Singer” at the Salzburg Festival

12 JUL 2013

by Theresa Dittmar  16:36 h;
published in: Opera, General

Soprano Theresa Dittmar is a participant in the Young Singers Project at the Salzburg Festival this year. She was born in Klagenfurt in 1988 and has studied both at the Klagenfurt Conservatory and at the Academy of Music and Theatre “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” in Leipzig. As part of the Young Singers Project, she will perform in two opera productions: Die Entführung aus dem Serail and Die Zauberflöte for Children. Over the coming weeks, Theresa Dittmar will recount her experiences in Salzburg and at the Salzburg Festival, giving you an insight into the rehearsal process.

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Free Rides to the Salzburg Festival!

12 JUL 2013

published in: General

We are counting down the days and the Salzburg Festival is right around the corner. And we’ll tell you the easiest way to get to the performance venue of your choice: the best idea is to leave the car at home, avoiding traffic jams and the search for a parking spot, and instead taking public transport – get to your Festival performance relaxed and ready! For once again, your Festival tickets are valid for free transportation within the City of Salzburg.

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Festival Ball 2013 • The Debutantes' Auditions

9 JUL 2013

published in: Festival Ball

Auditions, tailored costumes, fittings and an intensive week of rehearsals... For the debutantes, the preparations for the festive opening of the Second Salzburg Festival Ball on Saturday, August 13, at the Felsenreitschule are not so very different from those of our performers in the opera or theatre productions. The only difference is that they are not professional dancers, but 120 young ladies and gentlemen, most of whom are incredibly nervous and excited before their great moment in the spotlight. Many of them – some of them have just graduated from secondary school – will be opening a ball for the first time.

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