Audi has been a Main Sponsor of the Festival since 1995.

Audi sponsors sports, film and culture worldwide. Cultural sponsoring plays a special role for us, both at the international and the regional level, wherever our firm has a presence, since the complex challenges of the future can only be mastered by means of creative power and innovative ideas.

Art and culture enrich the life of every person – and of course this is also true for our employees. As a brand whose credo is “advantage through technology”, we depend on creativity just as much as those working in the arts and culture.

In the selection of cultural projects to sponsor, we emphasize quality and international renown. We support both new and existing projects. Another important criterion for us are the ways our employees can take advantage of the sponsored project’s activities.

The focus of our cultural involvement is on classical music, and especially the support of music festivals. As a corporation with international operations, we are conscious of our social responsibility. Furthermore, we see our activities as a cultural sponsor as a part of our CSR strategy.

As a music and theater festival of worldwide renown, the Salzburg Festival forms an ideal pair with the Audi brand and its values of high quality and progressivity. Next to established world stars, it also presents unconventional performances. In addition, we initiated the “Audi Night” in 2006 – one of the season’s social highlights.

We see cultural sponsoring as a very good channel of communication. The point is a long-term involvement, exactly as we practice it in Salzburg. Audi is seen as a competent partner in the area of classical music.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Audi



“Aren’t you afraid that the sponsors will try to influence your program?” is a common question in the arts sections of various newspapers, especially since we have been so successful in acquiring sponsors. And I can always answer both spontaneously and honestly: No, I am not afraid of that. Our sponsors are far too intelligent not to know that trying to influence the content of our program would have a boomerang effect. On the contrary, I hope our sponsors continue to influence us, in the sense that they make it possible to implement projects that we could not realize otherwise for lack of money. Therefore, on behalf of the Festival, I would very much like to thank our sponsors, donors, supporters and friends as well as the public authorities subsidizing the Festival for their generous support.

Helga Rabl-Stadler
President of the Salzburg Festival