Young Friends

The Young Friends of the Salzburg Festival is an association of teenagers and young adults interested in culture. They are part of the Association of Friends of the Salzburg Festival. Due to heavy demand, during the past years, the association has also offered programs aimed at children between 6 and 14.
The participants of the events explore the program of the Salzburg Festival intensively. The focus is not just on individual works and their performers, but also on “Festival life” in all of its many facets. It turns out that young people don’t just “consume” a theater, opera or concert performance, but experience it much more intensively and enduringly in every way if they have prepared in advance for the topics and have been in contact with the people who create art. It is especially important to us to create an awareness of the overall functioning of the festival, theater and art process. Therefore, as one of the oldest and largest cultural youth associations in Europe, we seek the dialogue with those responsible for the festival productions (such as dramaturgical staff, set and costume designers, concertmasters, lighting designers) on the one hand, but on the other, we present all those who ensure that the rehearsals and performances go smoothly (such as assistants, stage managers, technical staff and prop masters).
Apart from attending performances (with introductory programs), visiting rehearsals is another pillar of our work. Conversations, guided tours and visits, workshops and discussion groups complete our program.
Another goals of the Young Friends is to bring young people with a passion for theater together in Salzburg, thereby creating a platform for discussion between future audiences and future artists.

Become a member of the Association of Young Friends of the Salzburg Festival and experience workshops, introductory lectures, artist conversations, rehearsal visits and backstage tours.

As a member of the Young Friends you can attend all the events that are planned as part of the Friends’ summer programme. You also have the opportunity to apply for tickets from the Young Friends’ Festival allocation at a special discount.

You can become a member of the Young Friends at: www.festspielfreunde.at
Freunde der Salzburger Festspiele: office@festspielfreunde.at
or call +43.662.8045.284



Come, come, come, let us leave the Town
And in some lonely place,
Where Crouds and Noise were never known,
Resolve to spend our days.
In pleasant Shades upon the Grass
At Night our selves we’ll lay;
Our Days in harmless Sport shall pass,
Thus Time shall slide away.

The Fairy Queen, Act I, Duet


This invitation to enter Titania’s fairy kingdom marks the beginning of this year’s children’s opera, The Fairy Queen. Thus, we invite our young friends to discover the Salzburg Festival as a magical place where music and theatre can be experienced intensely – and far away from daily life.
Apart from reduced tickets to regular performances for young visitors, it is mainly the special performance formats developed particularly for a young audience which help us awaken and strengthen the enjoyment and understanding of music and theatre: new children’s operas produced especially for Salzburg, the introductory workshops offering ‘Fun and Games with Purcell’, the opera camps we are offering this year for the tenth time in cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic, various fringe programmes for specific age groups and projects for young adults as well.
We also actively support young artists: through our Salzburger Festspiele und Theater Kinderchor, the Young Singers Project and the Nestlé and Salzburg Festival Young Conductors Award – all of which present numerous public concerts and master classes.
Our greatest goal is to enable both groups – rising young artists and young Festival visitors – to meet each other, with unique experiences ensuing: when, for example, the members of the Young Singers Project find an enthusiastic young audience for their performances of the children’s opera, and the young audience, in turn, elicits outstanding artistic achievements from the singers.
There is much to discover at the Salzburg Festival, and we are delighted to present the following Children’s and Youth Programme for the 2016 season. May it bring our young friends joy and enthusiasm for opera, concerts and plays!