A tradition of commitment

Roche is known for its long tradition of supporting contemporary artists and cultural projects, particularly in music — a heritage reflecting the influence of our founder’s family. We see close affinities between innovation in the arts and in a research-based healthcare company like ours. We are convinced that contemporary art enriches our employees’ daily lives and contributes to making Roche an innovative company. Our cultural engagements Roche Continents, Roche Commissions, Roche Young Commissions and Roche’n’Jazz sum up the essence of the Roche innovation model: our pursuit of excellence, a willingness to engage with the new and the courage to enter new fields. The collaboration between Roche and the Salzburg Festival primarily allows European university and college students to attend contemporary music events in Salzburg, and attempt to uncover the link between innovation in music and art on the one hand and science on the other.